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Course moduleBrief name
Course type
Starting blockTimeslotFaculty
MCRMV16024Contemporary Cultural TheoryCourseM1CGW5 ECTS
MCRMV16047Histories, Archaeologies, ArchivesCourseM1, 2, 3, 4-GW5 ECTS
MCRMV16046Corporeal LiteracyCourseM4AGW5 ECTS
MCRMV16045Urban InterfacesCourseM3BGW5 ECTS
MCRMV16044Ecologies of CurationCourseM2BGW5 ECTS
MCRMV16043Rules of PlayCourseM1BGW5 ECTS
MCMV16005Expanding PerformanceCourseM2AGW5 ECTS
MCRMV16009Computational MusicologyCourseM4AGW5 ECTS
MCMV16027Art and AffectCourseM2A, DGW5 ECTS
MCRMV16002Musical EncountersCourseM2BGW5 ECTS
MCRMV16008Cultural Institutions (CI)CourseM3AGW5 ECTS
MCRMV16007Digital Music CulturesCourseM3BGW5 ECTS
MCRMV16006Singing of Heaven and Earth (SHE)CourseM3CGW5 ECTS
MCRMV16005Digital MusicologyCourseM2CGW2,5 ECTS
MCRMV16004Research Design (RD)CourseM2CGW2,5 ECTS
MCMV16001Theories and ConceptsCourseM1CGW5 ECTS
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