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Course moduleBrief name
Course type
Starting blockTimeslotFaculty
TLRMV16417Religion, Violence, and RefugeesCourseM4BGW5 ECTS
TLRMV16416History of the early modern bookCourseM3-GW5 ECTS
TLRMV16415Research Seminar Medieval LatinCourseM3-GW5 ECTS
GKRMV16012Late AntiquityCourseM3BGW5 ECTS
GKRMV16016State of the ArtCourseM2DGW5 ECTS
GKEMV16002Internship MA History: Educ&ComPlacementMJAAR-GW5 - 10 ECTS
GKEMV16001Thesis MA History: Education&ComMaster thesisMJAAR-GW20 - 25 ECTS
GKMVD16003Public History and Global HeritageCourseM1AGW5 ECTS
GKMVD16012Colonial MemorySeminarM2DGW5 ECTS
GKMVD16016Growth and Inequality, 1000-2000CourseM1AGW5 ECTS
GKRMV16051Art History IResearch projectM2BGW10 ECTS
GKRMV16054Medieval artCourseM3, 4-GW5 ECTS
GKRMV16054Medieval artCourseM1, 2DGW5 ECTS
GKRMV16055Renaissance ArtCourseM3, 4-GW5 ECTS
GKRMV16055Renaissance ArtCourseM1, 2DGW5 ECTS
GKRMV16052Art History IIResearch projectM3BGW10 ECTS
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